“…If not!?!”

Posted: April 7, 2011 in #Fail, Finish HIM!

…so I have finally made out of the city I was raised in and am now located in a bigger and better city. So I’m here with no family just me, money, car and a fly spot. Also the year before this was hell so this was a major transition for me, the boy swag was all the way turned up.  I hadn’t hit the streets yet and I didn’t know anyone in this city outside of my coworkers, which was a good thing because I figured id play it low and be a good guy since I did have a GF @ the time. I had transferred to this new office and its about 6-8 floors of new breezy’s, but the quality wasn’t particularly up to my standards per se’. But you know the KiD stay on da prowl! I spot this one nice joint. Now ima sucker for any famous/infamous chick. Ol girl resembled Pinky whom I made love to many a night by myself lol. She was 5’0 bout 135 same exact body type big phat @$$ even had the red hair! So I would see her round the office and stay peepin her. Shortly that turned into “Hi my name is…”. Which then turns in to emails and IM’s. This all cracked off on a Wed. By Friday evening she’s on the way to the speezy #WIN. Now the crazy part here I am not even fully situated in the spot I had only been there 2 weeks and already got a breezy over WTF? So I hook up a lil meal and you know the bottles always stay on deck! Shes sippin the wine and we watched “Boomerang” normally my go to movie for the women. The thing I didn’t like tho she came over on some sweat pants shit! C’mon baby we grown you better put that shit on to come see me I don’t care if you worked all day or not, but I digress. So after she getting her lil buzz on, she asks what I am drinkin and she asks could she have some of mine. So meanwhile im so happy that in 2 weeks I already got a fine ass woman in the spot, imagine what this life is gonna be like. The whole time Im knockin back drink after drink not realizing im getting f*cked UP! So she sips some of the Rum and then it just turned into us takin shots etc. Now the room is dam near spinnin. We end up in the bedroom and you can figure what happens. We begin to kiss and the clothes are being removed. Its goin down! She tops the boy off something serious. The whole time im thinking yo im finally about to f^ck PINKY! So I throw the rub on, turn that phat a$$ around to smash from the back. Man I musta lasted a whole 2 mins max! She took the kid out the game immediately. I was dumb embarrsed because the whole plan was to knock her ass down and my mans didnt represent. After that I pass out and wake up ol girl pulled the disappearing act on me :-(.

So a few days later, I holla at her like man I apologize I was extremely faded and that will never happen again. So after about 5 days I convince her to gimme the round 2. During the course of days I saved “up” and made sure I would be right! This time I only sipped one drink, even tapped the blizzy a few times just to make sure we showed up to the game this time ya dig? So she comes thru everything workin out. Session jumped off. Get it from the back again. I start feelin that FEELING asap “Oh NO”. This sh!t done happened again! I may have lasted 5 mins this time! GAME OVER! Not once but TWICE!!!

 The b!tch told me “I only give 2 strikes”

 Needless to say I never saw her again…

“…Gotta hit the spot, if not !?! don’t test the poom poom
nanny nanny, punanny donny, heyyy!”-Kimberly

Oh well…On to da next one…

  1. 911 says:

    Lmao, it happens to the best of us kid. Although I can’t say that’s happened to me.. Nah, I’m fronting b, I’ve ran a few quick posts on heffas. That anticipation is a mufucka.


  2. Harlem World says:

    we all got a story like this b, shit happens!

    im not with that pulling out (ll) before the finish – this aint redtube n em

    keep up the blogging!

  3. Big545 says:


  4. beezy says:


    This didnt happen

    Your lying

    I did not read any of your story

    Post pix or it didnt happen

    Nice imagination fantasy tho

    Pinkie wack

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