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I tried…

Posted: April 17, 2011 in #Fail, Gat DAMMMM :-p

…so I’m leavin my white breezy crib Labor Day. Been SmuttinxSippin all morning. Beautiful day out,  her parents were comin thru to visit so I ducked out. Told her I’d fall thru later on. So I hops in the whip to hit da gym and waste time etc. Leave out da garage bumpin the WiZ this song to be exact!  This breezy walks past and she starts noddin her head and singin da lyrics.

Convo goes:

Her: “What you know bout that”

Me :“What?!?!, I’m from the Burgh this wat we do!”

Her:  *chuckles and smiles*

Me: “So what’s up you ridin”

Her: “Aight”

Me: *Wiz laugh*

So she hops in the whip. Im like what’s up you tryna grab a drink or whatever. She like I’m down for whatever! So we cruise to the lil spot wit all da bars and what not. Hops up out the whip and start walkin, then I peeped her and thought to myself oh shit “I’d hit THIS”. She was bout 5’9 135 wit some DoubleEEs NO LIE. She was butt in the face tho keepin it 100. So im like you kno what fuck it, if you got time we myswell just hit my spot and get a bottle. She like cool. So we cops da bottle sit on my balcony and gets right. We start choppin it up and I was “wet” so I start over talkin myself out da pussy. But I did have her in my room and I start rubbin on these big ass tits I said lemme feel em,  lemme see em lmao. It was a must I licked the nipples! Silver dollars my G! After we chopped it up she like “you know what? I got a friend for you!”. Im like WORD. So  I hops on da phone wit her talks dat swag shit tells her to come thru.

Ol girl comes thru bout a hour later. We hits da grocery store. I cook some fish and spaghetti grabs another bottle(bottle #2) of liq to keep da party crackin. So I got da Wiz bumpin, food goin, liqs poured its lookin beautiful. These lil hoes was like 21-22 they aint have shit to do. N!gga like me had to work in the morn but @ this point I aint give 2 fxcks!!!

We all faded fxckin round da speezy

 and what not. So ol girl pulls me in the bedroom. She like 5’3 125lbs nice lil donk too short hair real sexy tatted up and a smart ass mouth think ..Keyshia Cole (n!ggas whove seen my emails know iont lie). So we in the bed room got the music goin Everything Workin! So we start kissin, rubbin, touchin etc. Meanwhile im thinkin yo is your girl aight she just out there chillin on da phone n what not. She like “she cool” So I take her pants off…she says out the blue. “I got a kid!” Nigga like me jumps up like WTF?!?! Don’t ask me why? I was faded tho, so that kinna ruins da moment. But I told her my bad I was trippin or whatever. So we gets back into it. Im suckin on tits and fingerin her then I went deep sea divin I wont even front this lil bitch was fine! So while im blessin her I think to myself….there’s another her b!tch in my livin room! So I say…

007: “Why’ont you call your friend in here” …

Her: “WTF, this nigga is trippin girl we OUT”

I’m sayin tho!!!I never had a 3some! What would you have done???

…oh well on to da next one